Mettler threads for quilting, piecing and sewing

Our range of Mettler threads are made from super high quality Egyptian cotton, perfect for patchwork and quilting - after all, if you use high quality cotton fabrics for your quilt you need to finish it with cotton thread of the same calibre! Please click on a Mettler thread range for more details.

Mettler Silk Finish threads are 100% cotton, long staple double mercerised threads. We have different weights in stock - you can use the 50 for piecing, applique and dressmaking, and the 40 can be used for hand or machine quilting to give a defined, strong line. Mettler threads are strong and resistant to breaking, give off almost no lint and they also hold their colour well even after washing and ironing. As they are made from cotton they also do not shrink in the wash. 

We have a large range of colours, including variagated threads with the Mettler Silk Finish multi collection. All the shades are available on small reels (150m or 100m), and the most popular colours come on larger 500m reels, perfect for large quilts and projects.