What is a self healing cutting mat?

When we talk about rotary cutting, one term that keeps coming up is the 'self-healing' cutting mat. This is just a short explanation of what self-healing means when it comes to cutting mats, and why it is useful.

Basically, self-healing refers to the fact that when you use a cutter on a mat of this type it doesn't leave a mark. This is because the surface of the mat is made up of tiny particles of material pressed together, rather than a solid surface, so the blade slides between the particles during cutting and they then re-settle afterwards. This means they are great for accurate cutting as you don't leave grooves in the surface that can affect the cutting next time.

Self healing cutting mat

How to care for your self healing cutting mat

Self-healing cutting mats don't last forever, but they can last for years if you take care of them. Here are our top tips for extending the life of your mat.

1. Always use a sharp blade! This is the absolute most important tip to avoid damaging your mat. If you find you are having to use a lot of force to cut your fabric, chances are you need a new blade - a rotary cutter blade should cut through fabric like butter if it is sharp enough.

2. Try to rotate the mat every so often so you're not cutting over and over in the same place.

3. Protect the mat from heat sources (including direct sunlight) to prevent warping - never iron on the mat!

We hope this is useful, don't forget we have a full range of self-healing cutting mats available to buy on the website!