ByAnnie double slide bag zips

30 inch double slide bag zips from ByAnnie in a variety of colours, perfect for bag making - please click on a By Annie double slide bag zip for more details.

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This range of bag zips from ByAnnie are designed specifically with bags in mind. They are #4.5 nylon coil zips - the wide zipper tape makes insertion easy and unlike zips with chunky, molded polyester teeth, these handbag zips are soft and flexible, making them easy to sew through. They also have an extra long pull, making opening and closing your bags easier. 

The double slide lets you open your bag from either end, or you can create two smaller single slide zips if only a small opening is required - the long 30 inch length means you can have two zips up to 15 inches in length, so two for the price of one!