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Pins and safety pins

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Clover applique pins

Clover applique pins£5.20

Add to Basket7 units in stock

Clover flower head pins - fine

Clover flower head pins - fine£3.30

Add to Basket6 units in stock

Clover fork pins

Clover fork pins£6.70

Add to Basket2 units in stock

Curved safety pins jumbo pack

Curved safety pins jumbo pack£5.10

Add to Basket10 units in stock

Dressmakers pins

Dressmakers pins£2.50

Add to Basket6 units in stock

Glass head quilting pins

Glass head quilting pins£4.50

Add to Basket12 units in stock

Glass headed pins

Glass headed pins£2.50

Add to Basket8 units in stock

Quilters safety pins

Quilters safety pins£2.45

Add to Basket5 units in stock


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items