What size rotary cutter do I need?

There are a huge variety of rotary cutters on the market at the moment, and the type you choose can depend on things such as your grip, working height, cutting needs and more. We always recommend Olfa rotary cutters for quality and ease of use, but the reasons for choosing a size of cutter are the same no matter what brand you buy.

Rotary cutters come in 4 main sizes - 60mm, 45mm, 28mm and 18mm. The size stated refers to the diameter of the blade, and therefore the depth of the cut you can make with it. The size you choose will depend on what you plan to cut with it.

Cutting thick or multiple layers of fabric

A 60mm cutter is the perfect choice for cutting multiple layers of fabric quickly and accurately, and will cut straight lines very quickly. It is also the best choice for cutting thicker materials such as wadding or foam. 

60mm rotary cutter 60mm deluxe rotary cutter

Cutting detailed outlines and curves

The smaller 28mm and 18mm rotary cutters are the best choice if you are going to be cutting single/2 layers of fabric with many curves and corners - e.g. applique shapes or dressmaking patterns. The 18mm cutter is very tiny so the only one we would recommend for internal corners and tight bends.

28mm rotary cutter 18mm rotary cutter

Best all round rotary cutter for quilting

The 45mm rotary cutter is the ideal size if you just want to get one all-round cutter for quilting. The blade is large enough to cut several layers of fabric at once, or to cut thin wadding and stabilisers, but small enough to cope with some detail cutting. 

Deluxe 45mm rotary cutter 45mm rotary cutter